Remini is an AI photo hack app


Remini is an AI photo hack app

Remini, the AI ​​photo software, is completely different from the previous apps; It is not just an application to transform images into an avatar or a specific style, but it offers you the image as you imagine it. This program is relatively old compared to previous programs, as it was released in 2019 and was specially designed to improve image quality and has obtained more than 100 million downloads, because it improves image quality, and this takes place in just a few seconds.

But with the trend of image conversion applications for drawn images, anime, or avatars, many updates have been launched on this application and it has become at the top of the list of the best artificial intelligence programs for images because it presents you with an image according to what you imagined in your mind.

Features of the Remini application the best artificial intelligence software for photos

This application relies on artificial intelligence techniques, to offer many features that made it on the top of the best artificial intelligence programs for images, as follows:

Draw what you imagine in your mind : All you have to do is write the text of what you imagine, then choose the design and specify the dimensions, so that the image that you described is generated easily and quickly, to be impressed with the artificial intelligence technology provided by this application to create and modify the images generated by artificial intelligence .

Photo restoration and coloring : If you have an old photo with a missing part, you can include it in the Remini application to restore the missing part and also allow you to color it.

Image quality improvement : This is the main feature for which the Remini app was created; His idea is to upload a very poor-quality image to become an excellent quality one.

Without advertisements: The free version of the application contains pop-up ads, which annoys the user, but we at App Inventor offer you the hacked version, and therefore you will not find these annoying ads.

Remini app download links

Download the Remini app for Android. 


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