Lensa AI is the artificial intelligence software for photos


 Lensa AI is the artificial intelligence software for photos 

This wonderful application was produced by Prisma Labs. This application converts your image into avatar images and avatars, by inserting at least 10 images so that the application recognizes them well and presents you with an image with the same proportions and dimensions as in the original image that I attached. Not only that, but it also offers you several tools for editing images and for manual adjustment, which makes it the only application among other applications that offers this feature.

Lensa AI features for photos

It is basically a regular photo editing application, but its designers have included the artificial intelligence feature to keep pace with the trend of artificial intelligence image applications, such as avatars, cartoon images, and avatars. Here are the features in detail:

The application is free: We offer you a link to download the hacked Lensa AI application, so that you can use photo editing tools and use the artificial intelligence feature that the application recently provided.

Its size is small : it is only 80 MB, but without the AI ​​feature, but on our App Inventor website, we provided it to you with this feature.

Effects and filters : The application offers you a large number of filters, effects, and level control after selection.

Image dimensions : The application provides you with several dimensions that you can choose from, and it also allows you to choose the dimension you want from the image cropping tool.

Copy modifications : You can make modifications to the image you have inserted and then click on the option at the top of the page, which is “Copy Adjustments”. This option saves you time in editing and modifying the next image, so that the same modifications will be applied to it in just seconds.

Face control : When making adjustments to the image, you can change the size of the eye to make it wider or narrower. You can also remove the blackness under the eyes so that the image becomes clear and perfect.

No Ads : Not only does it offer a manual editing feature not found in other apps, but it is also ad-free.

The application provides a set of tools that you can use to create a more beautiful picture, control the face and change the background; We will show you how to use these tools but in a separate detailed article.

Lensa AI download links

Download Lensa AI for Android.


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