AI Art Generator An artificial intelligence image conversion software

AI Art Generator An artificial intelligence image conversion software

AI Art Generator An artificial intelligence image conversion software

We talked about the new artificial intelligence program for images and mentioned four programs, but there is an old application that was created on November 23, 2016, which is the AI ​​Art Generator application. Despite this, it is one of the best applications that use artificial intelligence for images. You will not find many people who know this application, but it is really excellent and will not be limited to editing images only, but offers many features such as isolating the background from images and converting the words you write into high-quality images.

Features of the AI ​​Art Generator app

This application has different features from the features offered by previous applications:

The advantage of opening the camera: You can open the camera in order to take pictures after giving it permission to access the application, then specify the dimensions and add any of the existing filters to get a fictional image that will surely impress you.

Remove any part of the image: This program enables you to modify and edit images by removing any person or part of the image, adding a background in a specific color, or using an image from your phone as a background.

Easy removal method: any part of the image is removed by selecting it with the pen and then erasing it with the eraser.

Different designs : The application provides a number of designs that you can choose from and then write what you want in the description so that the application helps in designing the image as it is in your imagination.

 Save modifications : You can give the program permission to keep the modifications you have made to the image; Then you can insert the image next time to have the adjustments applied to it automatically. This saves you the modification steps that you will make each time in case you do not keep the modifications.

Download AI Art Generator for images

Download AI Art Generator for Android.


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