Download KWGT Widget for Android


Download KWGT Widget for Android

Download KWGT Widget for Android: Many Clock, Date and Weather Skins

Download the KWGT Widget app for Android

In continuation of the series of applications to change the look of the phone, the shapes of the clock, date and weather available on the phone are very limited, which makes your choices limited to those shapes. You may want to change the shape of the phone clock or the shape of the date or temperature display to new, distinctive and elegant shapes as well.

There are applications that were made specifically to allow you many of those shapes that you can choose between and change the shape of your mobile, and we will review in this topic a very good application for this matter and it gives you many shapes of the clock and date that you can use on the phone screen, also this application supports many From other Widgets applications, you can add many other shapes to the application.

KWGT Kustom Widget app 

Download the KWGT application for Android - the application logo

The number of times the application has been downloaded from Google Play: more than 5 million times

Application rating: 4,2

Characteristics of the KWGT Widget app for Android

First, you must give the application the permissions it needs in order for it to work fully on the phone, and in order to start adding a widget on the phone screen, click on any empty place on the phone screen, then choose KWGT Kustom Widget

Then you can choose the size of the widget that you want among the sizes available from the application, and the place will be added on the phone screen, then you can click on the empty widget to start adding the shape you want, which we will review next in explaining the topic

The application displays 22 free shapes for the clock and date, you can choose between them and place them on the phone screen.

Modify the shape of the widget and add it to the phone screen 

One of the most important features of the application is that it allows you to modify the shapes of the widgets displayed on the application and make many changes, and each widget is different from the other, due to the different shapes and characteristics of those widgets.

For example, we will choose a shape and review some possible modifications to it.

By choosing any of the existing shapes, you can view the changes that can be made to the shape, such as changing the background color, changing the color of the hands, in addition to changing the shape of the Widget frame, and many different changes between each shape and another. You have to choose the shape and try the modifications that can be made with a box. Modifications below.

Also, when you want to choose between widgets and want to see the shape very clearly, you can change the display method by pressing the three dashes at the top right and control the display of the widgets through the (Compact View) experience, and change the shape of the background of the widgets in the list by (Preview Background) and choose a dark or light background.

Widgets Packs supported by KWGT app

What if the free number available to me in the KWGT Widget application is not enough for you and you want to add other shapes, the application supports several other applications, Widget Packs, which add many free shapes to you within the application.

The number of such applications is 10! All of them are free, there are other applications, but you need to subscribe, so we will review only free applications that you can download from within the KWGT application completely free of charge.

The application supports: Apex - Ocea - Achromatic - Rectangle - KWGT Minimal VL1 - GreyedWidgets - Odisea - Matpop - Huk

All of these applications are free. If we expect, for example, that there will be at least 5 forms that will be added to the KWGT application, let us consider that we have at least 50 forms, but they are much more in addition to the 22 free forms within the KWGT application.

Just click on any of them, and the application will automatically transfer you to download the Widgets Pack, and the shapes will be automatically added to the application.

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