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Download Notepin: Notifications Of Your Most Important Appointments And Commitments For Android

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We all use our phones about 50:80 times a day, and in almost all of those times our eyes must fall on the notification bar from the beginning of the day until bedtime, and with the nature of life busy between work, study, daily life, and obligations, we may forget the smallest and smallest details, such as one of the calls that we want to make We conduct it or accomplish one of the simplest works that may accumulate on us at a later time.

The application today is a good solution to that situation, as it allows you to write your most important notes to appear inside the notification bar (and they are not hideable), so you are forced to see your commitments every time you hold the phone, so it is impossible to forget to do what you want, every time you open and close the phone You must remember these obligations

The number of times the application has been downloaded from Google Play: more than 50,000 times
Application rating: 4,6

Features of Notepin app for Android

First, when you open the application, an interface for writing your notes appears, so you only have to press the add button (+) and start writing your daily tasks

You can determine the importance of these notes to you in order to arrange your priorities for priority and then the least priority tasks, and you can also make that note appear in the notification bar or not by pressing Pinned and setting the priority for the most High, then Medium, then the least priority Low

After writing the notes and determining their priority, their color is determined according to the priority. Red means that those are the most important in your notes, green is medium, and blue is the least important.

As we can see in the previous picture, the tasks are inside the notification bar, and if we try to hide them, the phone does not allow that, so they remain visible in front of your eyes permanently whenever you hold the phone, so that you do not forget to do them.

Application settings 

By entering the application interface, you can, at any time, access one of your tasks that appears in front of you, modify its name, description, or degree of importance, and hide one of your tasks from notifications, show it again, or delete it permanently.

By entering the setting gear, you can adjust the number of task columns available within the application interface to 2 or 1 Columns
Enable notification when a new task is added. 

Pin By Default
Arrange tasks by priority or most recently written. Sort Notes By
Advantages and disadvantages of Notepin app for Android
The idea of ​​​​the application is great, very easy to use, and its space is small

It is not possible to hide tasks from notifications except by entering the application and deleting or hiding them, which makes it difficult to forget tasks or hide them by mistake while hiding any other application notification
The disadvantage of the application is that sometimes when you restart the phone, the tasks disappear from the notifications, which makes you forced to open the application and show them again.


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