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Download My Diary: An Application To Record Your Diaries And Notes For Android And IPhone

Download the My Diary – Daily Journal With Lock application for Android and iPhone

We have heard a lot about many people who record their memoirs in a notebook, so we always hear that sentence in our lives, especially in the movies we watch.

The reality is that many people really like to record their diaries, daily events, and important events in notes so that they can be a reference for them. later 

The application today is specific to that idea as well. It is an idea that suits people who suffer from forgetfulness in many times by having a reference for the daily and important events in their lives.

My Diary – Daily Journal With Lock

The number of times the application has been downloaded from Google Play: more than 10 million times
Application rating: 4,8

Features of the My Diary – Daily Journal With Lock app for Android and iPhone

First, when you open the application, the page of the day appears to record your notes in, so the application asks you about your mood for that day, then you can start writing the details you want.

On the bottom bar of the page, you will find several features:

Change the page background to some free backgrounds
Add a picture to your diary and many emojis
Change the font and add punctuation to the phrases you type
Add an audio file to notes
Add handwritten phrases
It should be noted that these features are great, especially the ability to add audio files embedded in the notes, in which you can narrate some situations or speak with your voice inside the notes.

Divide all notes of days and years 
On the main page of the application, next to the sign for adding a new memo (+), you find the calendar sign, through which you can see all the days of the month, all months, years, and all your memos, so you can enter any day in a specific month and year and retrieve what happened on that day, and find any day that has events colored in color yellow

Ready forms and review your mood during the past days
By entering the profile of the application (Mine), you can use ready-made forms offered by the application to write your notes, and follow up on your mood during the last month.

Protect your notes and maintain privacy

By entering the settings and then (Diary Lock), you can activate the closing of the application, and if this feature was not present in the application, it would be among the defects that must be mentioned, but even this feature is clear through the name of the application My Diary - Daily Journal (With Lock). Because your diary is one of the most private things, as no one knows what is in it, so the application allows you to lock your diary application by entering a pattern and applying a secret question in case you forget the entry pattern, and the possibility of entering through the fingerprint as well.

Export notes as written files 

By entering the settings, then (Export & Import), you can export your notes in the form of written files in .TXT format, where you can copy and print them at later times.

Features of the application My Diary - Daily Journal With Lock
The application is very easy to use and has a small footprint
The ability to add audio files with your voice inside the notes
The notes are nicely organized within the app
The possibility of locking notes and maintaining your privacy


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