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Download Calculator Lock

Download Calculator Lock: Hide Your Photos and Personal Belongings Securely and Confidentially

Download Calculator Lock: Gallery Vault for Android (the app is also known as HideU)

Some phones do not have the feature to hide photos and personal files, which may be of a confidential nature, so that no one who is holding your phone can be aware of any confidential files.

Calculator Lock: Gallery Vault is a unique application whose main role is to save your privacy and hide photos and personal files, not only that, but it also has a built-in application to lock applications, as well as an application to quickly send and receive files.

But what does the calculator have to do with the application of hiding files? What is distinctive is that the application’s icon is a calculator so that this does not raise the suspicion of anyone who may hold your phone that it has something hidden.

Calculator Lock: Gallery Vault (HideU)

The number of times the application has been downloaded from Google Play: more than 10 million times
Application rating: 4,5

Features of Calculator Lock: Gallery Vault ( HideU) for Android
Download Calculator Lock: Galley Vault for Android - Application interface
Download Calculator Lock: Galley Vault for Android - application interface
First, when you open the application, you will be asked to create a 4-digit password, then press the (=) sign, then if you want to create a secret question, reset the password again, and you must remember the answer to the question well.

In the event that you forget the password, you must enter 11223344, then =, in order to re-create a new password after answering the secret question.

1- Hide the photos 

By clicking on the gallery tag inside the application, you can add any photos from within the photo gallery on the phone, or take an instant photo with the phone camera after giving the application the permissions it needs and hide those photos immediately, and you will notice that they are not in the gallery after that.

You will find the images inside the gallery with the Calculator Lock application. You can control the images from within the application, whether by unhiding them, deleting them, or sharing them. You can also make some simple adjustments to the colors of the image or add text to it.

When you unhide the images, you can return them to their original location or another folder whose name is written in the application during the unhide process.

2- Incognito Browser 

The application also has the ability to browse Facebook, Google, and any site you want in a hidden way, and a hidden memory inside the application.

3- Hide all types of files

By pressing the (+) sign, you can add any audio file or any type in the phone memory, and you can write notes and hide them.

Note: When you exit the application in any way and at any time and try to enter again, you need the password to enter

4- Lock apps 

And it is one of the great features of the application, as it has a built-in App Lock for the ability to lock any application you want with a pattern, you just have to give the application the permissions it needs and then you can close any application quickly, simple and very effective.

5- Sending and receiving files 

Through the File Share application integrated with the application, you can use it to send and receive files, and the application must be present on the other side in order to be able to send and receive files with it.

6- Trash can 

Since when you hide the files, they are transferred to the application, and when you delete them through the application, it keeps them for up to 15 days so that you can restore them during that period if you want.

Settings for Calculator Lock: Gallery Vault ( HideU )
As long as you are inside the application, then you have entered the password correctly, and then you can change the settings easily without asking for the password again.

Possibility to change the secret question Set your security question, and the password Reset password
Change the number of times the wrong password is allowed to be entered before you go to the Forget password prompt
Reviews of Calculator Lock: Gallery Vault ( HideU)
The ability to hide photos, videos, and any file type you want
 Lock apps with the built-in App Lock app
Use an incognito browser
Send and receive files via the File Share application integrated into the application
The disadvantage of the application is the large number of ads in it, whose content is not always suitable for all ages.

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