Download Voliz: An Application To Create A Survey


Download Voliz: An Application To Create A Survey

Download Voliz: An Application To Create A Survey On WhatsApp For Android And iPhone

Download the Voliz – Poll on Whatsapp application to conduct a survey on WhatsApp for Android and iPhone

Many people find some difficulty and exhaustion when they want to do an opinion poll regarding a specific thing, a poll on a place, time, color, method, or anything else. Reviews are recorded manually so that you can decide.

The application today has solved that problem and made the opinion poll very easy and fun as well, as you can now write what you want to poll about and put all the available options and send that poll to everyone you want on the WhatsApp application so that they can make their choice and also see the result of the poll - if the poll owner allows With that - then you can make the decision and announce it with ease and ease.

Voliz - Poll on Whatsapp app

The number of times the application has been downloaded from Google Play: more than 100,000 times
Application rating: 4,7

Characteristics of the Voliz - Poll on Whatsapp app
First, when you open the application, you will have to register with your phone number and activate your account on the application so that you can start using the application and conducting opinion polls.

After completing the registration and opening the application, you will find suggested polls from the application in general, in which you can participate if they are related to topics that may interest you, and you can know if these polls are valid or expired.

Poll work, settings and publication
By entering My Polls, you can start learning how to create an opinion poll and share it with your friends on the WhatsApp application.

You can write the details of the poll and add any number of options you want. When you press Continue, the rest of the poll settings will appear for you so that you can finish it and share it.

You can publish that poll to the public who use the Enable Public Listing on Voliz application, control whether everyone can see the result of the poll or not, Result Visibility, the ability to choose your friends for more than one choice within the poll (Multiple choice) and the ability to change anyone to choose Change Vote

And if you want to specify a specific date and hour when the poll ends so that no one can vote after that date.

Finally, by clicking on Create, you can finish the survey and share it on WhatsApp with anyone.

Vote on the opinion poll 

You can share the poll on WhatsApp and everyone can access the link below to start voting.

Anyone can vote on the option they want and write their name below the vote - if they want - and also by entering Details, it is possible to know if the voting is valid or expired, its expiration date, and the number of people who voted in the poll, and by entering the Result, it is possible to know the result of the vote until that moment and follow the updates poll.

Control and follow-up of the opinion poll 
After completing the poll, publishing it, and people starting to vote, you can continue the poll at any time, control it, and change its settings at any time you want.

By entering My Polls, you can see all the polls that you have created, follow up, and control them, such as knowing who voted, poll details, and controlling settings.

You can control the stopping and running of the running poll, publish the poll at any time to the public, all the poll settings, change the expiration date at any time, also control the poll message that reaches your friends on WhatsApp from Message and write what you want in the message.

Features of the Voliz - Poll on Whatspp app
The application is very easy to use and has a small footprint
Possibility of conducting polls and voting with ease and controlling them at any time

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