Download Walpy: Cool Wallpaper App For Android


Download Walpy: Cool Wallpaper App For Android

Download Walpy-Wallpapers app for Android 

Today's application is not a completely new idea, but it is a very wonderful application, as many people are interested in changing the backgrounds of their phones a lot, and there are not always high-quality wallpapers available and free.

The Walpy application contains a very, very large number of free wallpapers of various types and tastes, and what is distinctive is that it is of very high quality, so that you can enjoy a background for the phone of the highest quality, which gives the phone a very attractive appearance, not only that, but some other new and distinctive features that we will review while explaining the application.
The number of times the application has been downloaded from Google Play: more than one million times
Application rating: 4,5

 Characteristics of Walpy-Wallpapers

First, when you open the application, it displays the latest backgrounds in the application inside LATEST. You can see the backgrounds and choose some of them as your favorite until you find all the backgrounds that you liked later in the FAVORITES list.

There are also the most popular wallpapers in the application inside POPULAR.

Unlimited wallpapers collections and Collections 

By entering Collections, you can see unlimited collections that are divided in an organized and beautiful way for backgrounds, with many wonderful backgrounds of various types and tastes, and what distinguishes them, as we mentioned before, that the backgrounds are of very high quality, for sure you will like them.

Choose the background and apply it to the phone
We move on to the main part of the application, which is choosing the background and applying it to the phone, and the additional features that the application offers in this regard.

When you choose a specific background and you want to choose it as a background for your phone, just go to the background and click on the existing image tag and choose if you want to apply it to the phone interface, the lock screen, or both.

Cool and new wallpaper modification with Walpy-Wallpapers app
We come to one of the new and more wonderful features of this application, which is that it allows the user to make a more than wonderful modification to any background before applying it and the ability to save it to the internal memory of the phone.

And we chose the same previous image to show the magnificence of the application in that idea, which is that the application uses artificial intelligence to modify the colors of the image, as it does not modify all the colors in the image, but rather some colors so that the image becomes completely new and very wonderful

The image can be modified in terms of: changing the degree of clarity of the image, the degree of lighting, the degree of clarity of details, highlighting, and finally the colors, which is the most amazing thing in the modification that the application offers.

Automatically change phone wallpapers with the Walpy app
One of the main and new features in this application is the ability to automatically change the phone background so that the phone has more than one background all the time

By entering the setting, you can turn on the automatic change of wallpaper

Also, enable the change to take place while Wi-Fi is on only so that your internet package is not consumed due to changing the wallpapers, and enable the change to take place while the phone is connected to the electric charger in order to avoid excessive battery consumption, and that the change takes place while the phone is not in use.

Also below, by going to Options, you can specify the duration of each wallpaper change from 15 minutes to two days, and choose to change the phone’s wallpaper and lock screen or one of them, and choose the backgrounds folder that is used in the change, whether random wallpapers from the application Random Wallpapers or your Favorite Wallpapers.

Note: It is necessary for the phone to be connected to the Internet, whether via Wi-Fi or mobile data, in order for the wallpapers to be changed automatically
Features of the Walpy-Wallpapers application
The application area is very small
There are no ads in the application
The presence of an unlimited number of free backgrounds in the application, in high quality and in an organized manner
The possibility of modifying the backgrounds, changing their colors in a new and very wonderful way, and applying them or saving them to the phone
The ability to change the phone background automatically

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