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Download Fluid Simulation: Colorful Animated Wallpapers For Android And IPhone

Download the Fluid Simulation app for Android and iPhone

Since we use the phone almost all the time and throughout the day, whether browsing the Internet, watching videos, or conversations, many people are interested in changing the look of their phones interface as a kind of renewal and breaking boredom, according to the mood.

Animated wallpaper applications have spread recently, and they are very distinctive and won the admiration of many people. There are also applications for video wallpapers as well, such as the Video Wallpaper application that we talked about in one of the topics, which allows you to apply a video wallpaper from among the available backgrounds on the application or any video in your phone’s internal memory. Even if it was from your photography and the ability to play the video sound also in the background, and it was a unique and unique application.

The application on this topic gives you some completely new animated and colorful backgrounds and has many effects as it works by touching and moving the phone screen.

Fluid Simulation app for Android and iPhone

The number of times the application has been downloaded from Google Play: more than 10 million times
Application rating: 4,8

Fluid Simulation App Characteristics

When you open the application, a black screen will appear to you (the display and experience screen), and as soon as you move your finger repeatedly on the phone screen, you will notice the beautiful bright colors spreading across the screen, and this is the idea of ​​the application.

The circle that the yellow arrow points to in the previous image is the control circle for the entire application and the key to entering all the application settings, as soon as you open the application and start moving your finger on the screen until you see the moving colors, that circle will disappear and in order to appear again you have to drag the screen from the bottom and it will appear Control circle, and you can move it in the four edges of the screen.

Change the language of the application to Arabic:
First, we will change the language of the application to Arabic in order to facilitate the explanation for users, and it is one of the most important features of the application, which we will address again in listing the features at the end of the topic.

You have to click on the control circle in the application that was previously referred to, then press the setting gear, and you will find that the exact language is English, just click on the adjacent arrow until you choose the Arabic language, or press the word English to open a list of all the application languages ​​for you to choose Arabic with ease.

Choose from many colorful backgrounds and apply them to the phone: 

The application gives you 10 free animated background systems, all of which are new and beautiful. You can choose any of them and apply them to the phone as the default background for the phone interface and the lock interface, and until you see the background movement system, choose it and then move your finger on the phone screen to see the dynamic shape of the background.

The background moves and you see the beautiful random bright colors spread across the screen as you move your finger on the phone screen, whether the normal screen or the lock screen.

Adjust all animated background color settings 
One of the most important features of the application is that it is not limited to the 10 free wallpapers with fixed settings, but it gives you many important settings through which you can control many of the characteristics of each wallpaper

We will review the most important of these settings to get the best possible background.

Quality control for moving colors:  You can control the quality of moving colors on the screen, and we recommend using high quality to get the best possible color quality.

Control the speed of disappearance of colors after stopping the movement of the finger:  You can control the speed of disappearance of moving colors after stopping the movement of your finger on the screen. for animated wallpaper.

Controlling the magnification and size of the colors during their movement on the screen: it is possible to control the size of the random moving colors so that they are large or thin, and we recommend using a medium or thin size to obtain the most beautiful and best smooth shape of the colors

Controlling the time when colors disappear on the screen: We recommend using the fastest color fading time, which is 100%, because of the speed of colors fading after stopping the movement of the finger on the screen.

Controlling the spiral motion of the moving colors: You can control the random circular motion of the moving colors on the screen.

Control the brightness of the colors: You can control the brightness of the moving colors on the screen, but it is better not to open the brightness settings, and if you open it, use the maximum strength and blur filter to get the highest brightness and quality of the moving colors.

Controlling the rays (sparkle) of colors: By turning on the rays and sparkles and turning off the gamma button that extinguishes the sparkles, you will get the best bright moving color rays in the background

Controlling animated color grades:

The application allows you to control all the shades of random bright colors and experiment with those colors in the background on the experiment screen.

Note: The default application settings give you the best shape and settings for the background, so it is not preferable to change much in the settings, but it is preferable to increase the quality to the highest quality and control the size of the magnification of the color rays, calculating the comfort of the user’s eye.
You can open all other wallpapers in the application and open all other settings by subscribing to the application, but the available wallpapers and settings are sufficient and sufficient to achieve the goal of the application and enjoy it.
Create static wallpapers with bright colors yourself using the screenshot feature
One of the most important beautiful features that caught us during the application experience is the screenshot feature inside the settings, which allows you to take a screenshot of the experience screen in the application interface immediately after opening the application.

When you click on take a picture, the application will open a small box that enables you to take a screenshot of the screen after drawing on it.

You can move your finger on the phone and draw any beautiful, random shape with bright colors, take a screenshot of the screen, stop the movement of the shape at any moment, and then take a picture. Colors flow wonderfully, and you can take the best picture at any moment and at any time.

Remove the animated background color
To cancel the colored background and return to the default settings, enter the phone settings and choose the default settings for the background or choose any theme you want

And if you uninstall the application on the phone and delete it, the phone will return to the default settings on its own.

Features of the Fluid Simulation application for Android and iPhone
The application is very easy to use and its space is small as well
The presence of the Arabic language is among the languages ​​of the application, which makes using it and using the settings very easy
The ability to choose between many free, colorful, unique animated backgrounds and control all settings for each background
The ability to make a static background with beautiful and bright colors on your own through the screenshot feature


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