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Download VMulsim App

Download VMulsim App: Prayer Times, Qibla Direction, And Comprehensive Religious Reference For Android And IPhone

Download the VMulsim application
The application of our Muslims is considered the best comprehensive Islamic religious application ever, which has spread very widely in the past period and many around the world have become users of this application, and we will discuss the explanation of the application in detail and explain all the features in it, but before we start explaining, we will change the language of the application to Arabic To facilitate the explanation for users, by entering:

mine > setting > app language Then we choose the Arabic language and we change the names of the prayers also to Arabic (prayer names)

Homepage :
At the top there is a site setting through which you can choose the automatic setting of prayer times according to your location or according to the time of a specific city, whether inside or outside Egypt, by searching for the name of the city. who you want to follow.

Below, general topics appear, which are recommended to the user related to religious matters, or tips and recipes related to health, in addition to many religious images.

Characteristics of the VMuslim application
The Quran :

It is divided into parts of the entire Holy Quran, and the part to be read is determined.

By entering Surat Al-Fatihah, for example:

You can read or listen to the surah, and by clicking on the (audio) button, you can download many recitations by watching a free video or consuming points, which we will discuss how to earn later by explaining the application.

And by clicking on the button (display), it is possible to set the reading mode, font size, or brightness of the Qur’an according to the comfort of the reader’s eye, and also add an audio and text translation that the reader can use to read the surah in a different language or translate the noble verses in another language by clicking on the verse and then reviewing its interpretation to show the audio and text translation Which the reader chooses, and it is also possible to memorize certain verses while reading by placing a bookmark on the verse and then reviewing it at a later time as shown in the following picture.


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