Download VivaCut: A Professional Montage Application


Download VivaCut: A Professional Montage Application

Download VivaCut: A Professional Montage Application For Cutting Videos And Audios For Android And iPhone

Download the VivaCut app for Android and iPhone
First, we welcome all visitors to the Mobizel website, whether they are interested in news about phones or applications, and since we are in the applications section now and since you are interested in the VivaCut application, we will discuss the explanation of the application as easy and simple as possible to help you familiarize yourself with the most important features of the application.

The VivaCut application is considered one of the best applications for preparing your video, which exceeds 50 million downloads. It is an easy-to-use application that gives the user many features in an easy, simple, and uncomplicated way to prepare a somewhat professional video for the user in a very satisfactory way. We will now discuss some of the application’s features, and We are keen to translate some important features of the application to facilitate the user.

Characteristics of the VivaCut app
First, we start by choosing the video to be created by pressing the Create + button

One of the most prominent features in any video preparation application is the installation of the video on an audio clip or a song of the user’s choice, whether from the songs proposed to be downloaded within the application via the Internet, or from the songs that are already on the phone’s storage memory.

Insert an audio clip into the video:
Controlling the audio clip for the video:

Through the (Volume) button , you can control the volume of the audio clip along with the video

And through the (Split) button , it is possible to make one or more divisions for the audio clip and control each clip separately.


Click here for iPhone

Prepare your video:
As we explained previously, one of the most prominent and important characteristics of any video preparation program is the ability to include an audio clip with the video.

We will discuss how to prepare your video and some of the most prominent features available to the user in it:

By clicking on the video, the settings available to the user appear, which enables you to make a professional video in a beautiful and very simple way. Through our use of many video preparation applications, we see that the VivaCut application is very easy to use and without noticeable problems.

Text:  Before entering the preparation of the video clip separately from the audio clip, we will find the text button, which enables us to add written phrases to the video and the ability to control its shape in terms of font type, size and color, as well as many kinetic characteristics that can be added to the written phrases inside the video.

Animation: Control the position of the video image in some clips.

Split: As is the case with controlling the audio clip, it is also possible to split one or more of the video clips in many places and control each clip separately.

Filters: Add filters to the video

It is also one of the most prominent features in any video preparation application, which is mainly used in most video clips or images, where the user always wants to add filters, whether for the images or videos that he prepares, and here the application provides many filters that, after being downloaded via the Internet, become available for use in Any time and any moment.

Adjust: Control the brightness and clarity of the video and many options for color or clarity and brightness.

Volume: In conjunction with the ability to control the volume of the audio clip included with the video, the volume of the main video clip can also be controlled to achieve consistency between the sound of the original clip and the audio clip included by the user.

Animation: movements

The application provides many motion effects that can be used in preparing your video.

The application also provides many, many other features such as controlling the speed of the video or replacing one of the clips with another, and many other properties that will be easy for you to understand easily through your use of the application without any fatigue.

Create your own video 
Finally, after you have finished preparing your video, adding audio clips and many motion effects, and controlling the video format in all the easy ways available in the application.

We click on the (Export) button at the top of the screen, which allows saving the new video clip in more than one quality, including 1080P Full HD available for free by watching a free advertisement, or 720P - 480P 


VivaCut application features 
 The magnificence and ease of using the application, controlling it, creating videos, and containing many features suitable for all people.
Most of the features of the application work without the need to connect to the Internet.


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