Download The Duolingo Application


Download The Duolingo Application

Download The Duolingo Application: An Application For Teaching English And Many Languages ​​For Android And iPhone

Download the Duolingo app for Android and iPhone

In light of the cultural openness that we are witnessing in the recent period, many people have a desire to learn new languages ​​and cultures, whether for work needs, self-development, or a desire to teach children a new language, etc.

But many people do not have enough time or money to participate in language training courses, and it has become possible to learn a new language from home, via phone or computer, through websites and YouTube, and applications for learning languages ​​have also spread, including the Duolingo application, which we will explain.
The Duolingo application is one of the best language learning applications that exist today, if not the best one at all. The percentage of downloading this application has exceeded 100 million people, and we will review the most important features and characteristics of the application.

Duolingo application is a global application and not only at the Arabic level. After starting the application, the language selection interface appears, which allows you to have a wide range of languages ​​according to the user’s language, whether for speakers of Arabic or English – Chinese – Czech – Dutch – French – German – Greek – Hindi – Hungarian - Indonesian - Italian - Japanese - Korean - Polish - Portuguese - Romanian - Russian - Spanish - Thai - Turkish - Ukrainian - Vietnamese.

As we can see, it is possible for more than 20 countries around the world to use the application according to the language of each country.

Application characteristics for (Arabic) speakers
We will explain how to learn (French language), for example.

Once you choose the French language in the application

One of the advantages of the application is that it determines the level of the user and does not start the language from scratch or from a random level. You must determine the state of your language first for the application so that it can later determine for you the starting point in learning the language to be well established during learning, so the application will ask you if you do not understand about The language is very little or you can have conversations with simple sentences or your level is average or above average in the language.

Then the application asks you why you want to learn the language, whether to stimulate the mind, the need for work, or to communicate with family and friends - culture - study - travel.

For example, if we (we only know a few simple words) and whatever the reason you want to learn the language.

The application then determines your curriculum after choosing your language status.


You can learn the language from scratch, as the application starts from scratch to help you establish correctly and know the initial grammar of the language from the starting point.

Or you can determine your level in the language to avoid wasting time or knowing the rules and things that you may already know. When you answer some tests, the artificial intelligence of the application determines the point from which you should complete language learning.

And assuming that you want to learn the language from scratch.

The application presents a set of preliminary tests in the basics of the language in a very beautiful and simple way that enables you to hear the test so that you can pronounce correctly, and one of the most important basics of learning the language is to be able to pronounce the words correctly.

The application displays a word or phrase in audio and visual form, and you can hear the word over and over again so that you can memorize it and pronounce it correctly.

Gradually, the application helps you to form compound sentences and to know the words in their indefinite or familiar state, and gradually enables you to learn the basic rules of the language in an entertaining and enjoyable manner mixed with pictures and phonetic phrases.

And here we have finished explaining the application in as much detail as possible, so that you are familiar with the application and its characteristics before downloading it, and we see that the Duolingo application is one of the best and most enjoyable language applications on the Internet. Learn the language, all you need is the will and allocate a small part of your time daily to use the application.

Features of the Duolingo app Duolingo
The application is very easy and uncomplicated
Availability of many languages ​​for many nationalities
Determine the learning method and starting points based on the user level
Fun to use because of the pictures and audio phrases

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