Download The Photo Collage App


Download The Photo Collage App

Download The Photo Collage App For Android To Make Collages Of Wonderful And New Shapes

Download the Photo Collage app for Android to make collages in new and wonderful shapes and edit photos

Sometimes you have many different photos taken on more than one occasion and you want to collect them within one frame to publish them on a social networking site for remembrance instead of publishing each photo alone, so a large number of people are looking for an easy way that can be used to collect photos, as the (Photo) application is collage - Photo Editor ) is one of the great applications that we are going to talk about.

The application that we will write about in this topic is the application (Photo collage- Photo Editor) for Android, and we will address the most important features of the application next in the topic.

Application (photo collage-photo editor) for Android

Information about the application
The number of times the application has been downloaded from Google play: more than 100,000 times 
Application rating: 5.0
Version: 1.0
Release date: June 19, 2020
Updated date: June 19  , 2020
Production company: Sarax Inc
Features and settings of the Photo Collage app for Android
The beginning of the application

First, after downloading and installing the Photo Collage application from Google Play, and after opening the application, the following figure will appear 

First: (Collage) is a wonderful feature that collects different shapes to form a new artwork, and when you click on it, many pictures will appear. There is also a bar at the bottom of the following image with many properties that will be explained.  

LAYOUT:  It designs images and shares more than one image in one frame, and there are also many different frames.

STICKERS:  Many STICKERS can also be placed on the pictures, and it is also possible to control the size of the STICKERS.

BACKGROUD  :  It is also possible to control the frame of the image and choose between many different backgrounds.

SPACE:  When you press SPACE, there are many options that will be recognized.

SIZE:  control the image by enlarging and reducing it.
SPACE: Create a space between the images and each other.
CORNER: Controls the degree of curvature of the photo frame. 
RATIO:  It puts images in many shapes and sizes.
TEXT:  You can put many texts inside the images, control the font type, and choose between many wonderful fonts. 
Second: (Free Styl e)   There is also another method for grouping images together, which is a method that relies on grouping images together randomly, and you can manually move the images and change their locations, sizes and rotations, all you have to do is select the required images to show you all randomly, move the images and enlarge Size, reduce and rotate it according to your choice, and choose a suitable background for the images and add some filters and texts on it to get a wonderful result as shown in the following figure: 

You can use the wonderful image editing tools, in addition to collecting images in many different ways and shapes, and you can also modify each image separately, and when you click on the images, you will see the various editing tools. 
FILTER:  It takes a single image and makes adjustments to it using great editing tools such as:

FX:   You can also add a wide range of different effects to your image, and change some colors within the image to black and white and many wonderful colors. 

FRAME:  Pictures can also be placed inside different frames (rectangular or oval) to make them more attractive and beautiful, and you can also print those pictures with frames to decorate the wall with them.

 LlGHT:  It is also possible to make the image more beautiful by using the effects of the lights, and add an elegant and more beautiful appearance by adding the effects of colored lights to the images.

Third: (Camera)  This application is characterized by a camera interface for photography, and the camera interface also contains many tools that are considered among the features that exist in the interface.

You can also control the camera that you want to photograph with, you can choose between the back and front cameras, and you can also zoom in or out the image that you want to photograph.

Another tool is the image rotation tool, with which you can control the rotation of the image in all different directions.

There are also many filters through which you can completely change the color and shape of the image, and there are also many effects that can be chosen from. There is also a tool to control the brightness of the image, and texts can be added to the image, and you can add a background image to the image that you are editing.

Features of the application (Photo Collage-Photo Editor)
Photo Collage is a collection of photos in one place.
The application contains many different frames, shapes, and filters, and adjusts images with colors and texts with wonderful fonts.
Ease of use of the application without complication.
The application is available in a simple size.
The ability to share many photos on social networking sites from within the application for remembrance.

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