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Call Recording For Android: Download The Cube ACR Application To Record Calls With High Quality And Technology

Download the Cube ACR application for Android, a great application for recording calls with high quality and technology

The process of recording calls has recently become very difficult, and in order to be able to do it through the built-in recorder in some old phones, you will need to do a lot of steps, and in some modern phones there is no call recorder at all.

Also, there are a lot of applications spread recently, but unfortunately most of them do not work, and sometimes these applications record your voice only and do not record the other party, and for this we did not find a better application than Cube ACR to present it to you, this application has all the ingredients and features that make it one of the Best call recording apps ever.

Many mobile phone users may need an application that helps them record phone calls, whether outgoing or incoming, and despite the many applications that record calls, the Cube ACR application is one of the distinguished applications that works efficiently, as this application is one of the best and most famous Android applications that help users record phone calls.

It is worth noting that the Cube ACR application has achieved great success and international fame among users because it contains many features, in addition to the ability to record calls easily and easily, you can also share the recorded call after recording it, and the recorded calls are saved on the device in mp3 format and can be listened to at any time without the need to connect to the Internet.

The application is available in the largest electronic stores used by millions of people, Google play, and it is available for free, and no money is paid for downloading it on the phone, and it has found great popularity in many countries.

We will address the most important features of the application in this topic.

Cube ACR app for Android 

The application supports:

skype lite
Information about the application 
The number of times the application has been downloaded from Google Play : more than 10 million times 
Application rating : 4.5
Version : 2.3.224
Release date : December 13, 2016
Updated on : April 15, 2022
The producing company : Cube Apps Ltd
Subject index
Cube ACR Android App Features and Settings
The beginning of the application
Talk Back feature (blind mode) and how to cancel it
Other settings: Hear selection
Access via control key
Invert colors
How to record calls

First:  You have to click on the word Next or (Next) to continue and start running the application. 

Second:  The application screen will appear to you as shown in the picture after downloading and installing it on your phone.

Third:  The application will ask you to obtain permission to start recording calls in various social media applications. You must click on the word (grant permissions)   so that you can continue to use the application easily and without any problems, as shown in the following image.

Fourth:  When you click on (APP CONNECTOR), there are many settings that will be recognized.

Talk Back feature (blind mode and how to cancel it)
Many phone users come across a feature known as (Talk Back), which many do not know its uses, and this feature is basically an accessibility service that helps the blind and visually impaired to use their devices, and it also allows reading the things displayed on the screen with ease.

And if you activate the Talk Back feature by mistake using the function buttons or in the menu of the tool, it is very easy to disable it. You must navigate within the system using the voice assistant and by pressing the specified button, the menu will be scrolled with two fingers simultaneously.

Explanation of how to cancel the Talk Back feature
The application is logged in and Talk Back is entered through the settings and pressed to activate or deactivate it.

When you click on the word Talk Back, the green color will be selected, click on it, and Talk Back will be disabled.

Other settings:

Hear selection.

When you click on it and activate it, select parts of the text on the screen and listen to it read out loud.

Tap on a piece of text to hear it read aloud, or swipe across the screen to select multiple pieces of text.

Access via control key.

When pressed and activated, Switch Access allows people with mobility impairments to control phones with a single switch, using the switch to select items, scroll, and enter text.

Reversing colors.
Color inversion turns black text on a white screen into white text on a black screen. Colors will change in media and images.

The night mode is used to display a dark background, while the colors are simply inverted through the color inversion function.

How to record calls 

Fifth:  While making calls, a recording icon will appear to you as in the picture, through which you can stop the recording process by clicking on it again.

Cube ACR application features for Android

It is characterized by ease and handling without complication.
Designed with a wonderful interface and design.
The ability to record calls with the highest quality and technology.
You can specify the time and date you want to save the recorded call.
The Cube ACR application is characterized by saving and recording calls in an audio file that contains the name and number of the caller.
The ability to record Viber and WhatsApp calls.
Some numbers and contacts can also be excluded from automatic registration.
The Cube ACR icon can be hidden so that no one can access the recorded conversations.
It is possible to set a password so that no one can access the program.


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