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Browser Without Ads: Download The Vivaldi App For Android, A Fast Browser Without Ads

Download the Vivaldi app for Android, an easy, simple and fast browser without ads

There is a problem that all users of websites in general face, which is the problem of ads appearing frequently while browsing, which causes inconvenience and may sometimes reach boredom and close the browser permanently. Recently, applications for more than one browser without ads have spread.

We here in the applications section within the Mobizel website always try to write about the applications that we see as distinctive and have few problems in order to provide more benefit to the visitors of the site.
The application that we will write about in this topic is the Vivaldi application for Android, and we will discuss the most important features of the application in this topic.

Vivaldi app for Android 
Information about the application
The number of times the application has been downloaded from Google Play: more than one million times
Application rating: 4.3
Version:  5.2.2620.56
Release date:  September 6, 2019
Updated date:  May 11, 2022
Producing Company:  Vivaldi Technologies
Features and settings of the Vivaldi app for Android
The beginning of the application 

First, after completing the download and installation of the Vivaldi application from Google Play, after opening the application, the previous window will appear to us, and two windows appear above:

First: Tracker And AD-Blocking Tracking and ad blocking

No Blocking No Ad Blocking - Block Trackers Block trackers

(Prevent tracking and ads) This expresses the third choice and the most important among them, which we write about the application for this wonderful feature.

Second: Tap Style, the shape of the website bars

At the bottom of that window, there are two types of ribbons that you can choose between.

Browse websites without ads 

By writing the name of the site that you want to access or browse in the site writing bar above, the site will open, but this time without ads at all, and if you were browsing the same site previously with many ads, you will find that this problem no longer exists.

On the previous page, which is the main page of the application, and at the top, by pressing the (+) sign, you can add a new website page, and the toolbar appears at the bottom, and by clicking on the mark on the right side, you will enter Bookmarks, which are the sites that you save to browse at a later time.

By pressing the arrows, you can move between the next and previous pages, and by pressing the home sign in the middle, the application will transfer you to the beginning of the browser, and by clicking on the box on the right, you will be able to see the active open pages.

Application control menu 

By clicking on the Vivaldi logo above, a list of application control tools will open, in which we will explain the most important points.

By clicking on Download Page, you can download the active page - and by clicking on New tab, you can open a new page - New Private Tab, a new private page - Clone tab, open a similar page - Recent tabs, pages that have been viewed recently - Translate, translate the page.

And by clicking on the Share tab, you can share the page with your friends through any of the social networking applications on your phone - and by clicking on Find in Page, you can search for any word or sentence on the page and find it easily.

By clicking on Capture Page, you can take a screenshot of the entire site, even if it does not appear on the phone screen, by pressing Capture Full Page , and by pressing Capture Visible Area , the phone will take a screenshot of the part that appears on the screen only.

Add filters, change the font type, and display images
By clicking on Page Actions, you can add many filters to the page, such as changing the colors of the entire page to many colors and effects such as black and white, changing the font type to Monospace (Fonts Monospace), and changing the display format of images on the site to skewed images.
And by clicking on Add To Home Screen, you can add the active page to the main screen on the phone, and by pressing Desktop Site, you can transfer the view to a computer instead of the phone.

Change the language and appearance of the application 
By clicking on the Vivaldi logo at the top > Setting 

Language Setting Change the language of the application

 Theme Change the appearance of the application 

You can choose the appearance between light color - dark color - blue

And change the color of the application from the top Accent Color to several colors such as yellow, green and other wonderful colors
. #00FFEF )

Features of the Vivaldi app for Android
The app is very easy and fast and without ads.
The ability to take a screenshot of the entire site by using the Capture Full Page feature from within the application.
The ability to add many filters to display sites, change colors and the way images are displayed within the site.
The ability to change the appearance of the application, change the color of the application to several wonderful colors, and the ability to add a specific color that you want by writing the code for the color, whatever that color is.


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