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Download The Makeup Plus App For Android  And IPhone, The Perfect Camera App For Adding Makeup And Beautifying Photos

Download the Makeup plus app for Android and iPhone, the perfect camera app for adding makeup and beautifying photos

The modern woman seeks to appear elegantly and searches for a way to beautify the photos after taking them, and through the Make-up Plus program, it allows women to edit photos by adding appropriate makeup to them, and it allows you to learn about makeup styles, colors and ideas that suit your features by adding them to the photos. Get to know Learn about the advantages of the Make Up Plus makeup camera application for Android and iPhone.

The makeup application may be just an entertainment application for some, but for others it can be a practical application to learn more accurate makeup, and it can be used and learned about a lot of things in the world of fashion and beauty.

It is one of the most important applications dedicated to improving personal images, as it is a pioneering application in beautifying personal images using the phone’s camera. Through the application, you can try a lot of makeup looks of different types, and it also allows shooting videos using makeup, not just pictures.

You can also modify your personal photos and add aesthetic touches to them through hair color, appearance, eye color, lips, skin color, and many other distinctive additions, such as what you can change the size of the face, the size of the eyes, the lighting of the image, and much more.

Once you download this application, you will enjoy a unique and distinctive user experience. You can use the application in two ways, as follows:

The first method:

You can choose the photos that you want to edit from your device's photo gallery, then start modifying them with various options, such as changing the color of the eyes and skin, the size of the face, applying make-up for the lips and eyelashes, and many other options as desired, and then saving the photo.

The second method:

It is the most fun and most used, which is to take pictures directly through the application, so the camera is opened from the application itself and choose the tools and appearances that appear at the bottom of your image, and when you select the desired option, it will appear directly in the image, and after completing the modifications, save the image.

Makeup plus app for Android and iPhone 


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