Download The Phonto App for Writing on Pictures


Download The Phonto App for Writing on Pictures

Download The Phonto App for Writing on Pictures and The Fontasy App to Download Hundreds of Fonts

Download the Phonto app and Fantasy app for Android and iPhone

Writing on pictures is one of the most important and most used features in photo editing applications. Many people like to add phrases to pictures, whether they are personal pictures or related to anything else.

But what if there was an application made specifically for writing on pictures? And is it of great benefit to be worth downloading an application specifically for this matter? This is what we will search for in the Phonto application, as all photo editing applications that have the ability to write on images have limited fonts available for writing.

The Phonto application is distinguished in this regard, in addition to that it contains many features in writing, which we will review next in explaining the topic.

Phonto app for Android and iPhone 

The number of times the application has been downloaded from Google Play: more than 10 million times
Application rating: 4,5

Features of the Phonto app for Android and iPhone

First, when you open the application and click on the image mark that will appear at the top, the application will transfer you to your gallery after giving the application the permissions it needs, until you choose the image that you want to write on, then press the pen mark above to start writing on the image.

Choose fonts 

By pressing (FONT) you can choose between many, many fonts that the application provides, but are the fonts limited to those in the application? What if you want to write in a specific font you want? What if I want to write in another language, such as Arabic?

All of these questions are solved by the application, as by clicking on (MY FONT) you can see the fonts that you have protected and choose between them.

How to download new fonts 
There are two ways to download fonts on the Phonto app

The first method 
By entering Google Chrome or any browser, you can search on Google for (Free Fonts) 

And enter many font sites that contain millions of fonts and choose the font that you want and press (Download), then go to the location of the downloads on the phone and open the font and choose to open through the Phonto application, and the application will install the font that you downloaded inside MY FONTS.

The second way 
By downloading the (Fontosy) application, which is supported by the Phonto application, the application contains hundreds of fonts in different languages.

Download and features of the Fontasy application for Android and iPhone 

By downloading the Fontasy application, you can browse and download hundreds of new fonts. You can also choose the language of the fonts that you want to display on the application so that you can choose between them.

By pressing the three dashes above, you can choose the language of the fonts between Arabic, Chinese, Korean, and other languages.

All you have to do at that moment is to choose the font and open it with the Phonto application, and the font will be downloaded to the application

Modify and customize fonts on the Phonto app
We have previously explained how to use the application and download fonts, and now with the most important part of the application, which is how to modify fonts by using many features.

By pressing (STYLE) you can make many wonderful adjustments to the font.

In most of the modification properties below, you will find the color bar visible in it, so you can choose the color of the adjustment that you make.

COLOR: The color of the font in which you are writing
STROKE: Control the writing circle. For example, you should select the black color and control the clarity, thickness and direction of those edges
SHADOW: Controls the shadow of words and the direction and size of the shadow
BACKGROUND: Ground the words and control their size and legibility
SPACING: Controls the spacing between letters
CURVING: Writing in a curve
BLEND: Cycle through different modifications of the entire type

Advantages and disadvantages of Phonto application for Android and iPhone
The application is wonderful and easy to use, and it is made specifically for writing on pictures, which allows it to do so in a wonderful way and many features
The disadvantage of the application is that it has existed for several years in the same form without any development from the factory, as there are many features that can be added and the application developed.

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