Canva is an AI photo editing app



Canva is an AI photo editing app

Canva is a well-known brand in the world of montage, and if you are looking for a free AI photo editing program, we recommend this app because it is almost completely free. The application contains a large number of filters and filters, and this application will dazzle you in converting written texts into very impressive images.

Canva also provides several aesthetic, practical, and professional styles. Apply any of these styles and then control them with tools like image contrast, brightness, and more that enable you to create stunning images.

Canva app features

It is very easy to use; All you have to do is insert the image by uploading or dragging it, then go to the "Main Menu" and press "Discover Apps". After that, "Convert text to an image" and write the description you want to have an image with the description you mentioned in just a few minutes.
This application has been downloaded by millions of users.
The app's interface is very easy, and it has a large number of filters.

Disadvantages of the Canva app 

The pen and brush feature is no longer present in the modern version.
There have been many complaints from users regarding the program's ability to convert text into an image.


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