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Download To-Do List

Download To-Do List: Organize Your Daily And Monthly Tasks For Android

Download the To-Do List app for Android

Many people have a daily and monthly agenda related to work, study or personal matters, and some people suffer from forgetfulness even if these tasks are few and may miss an important appointment or something that should have been accomplished, the To do List application is one of the best applications for organizing tasks and we will do this The topic is reviewing the properties of the application.

To-Do List app for Android 

The number of times the application has been downloaded from Google Play: more than 5 million times
Application rating: 4,7

Features of the To-Do List app for Android
First, when opening the application, we will change the language of the application to Arabic, by clicking on the three dashes below on the left, by entering the application menu, then entering Settings >> Language, then choosing the Arabic language

The tasks page appears in front of you, and it is nicely organized between personal or work-related tasks, or a birthday reminder page, … etc.

 Adding and completing new tasks  (Tasks)
We have already added some tasks by adding a new task, and you can choose between ready-made task templates (Tasks Template) or add new tasks (Add new task) as you want and also categorize them while adding them in order to organize your tasks in a wonderful and organized manner.

You can set the date and hour for you to be alerted to that task in a wonderful and unique way, and you can specify the completion of the task after you have finished performing it, and by dragging the task you can delete it, modify the task date and time, and also add it to the priority tasks (Star) to see these tasks later on the Priority tasks page Achievement (Star Tasks)  by clicking on the three dashes at the bottom right and clicking on  (Priority Tasks) (Star Tasks) 

And while adding the task and controlling the reminder time management, you can choose between the reminder times before the task, or specify a specific time for the reminder, and the ability to set the reminder (Repeat) every hour or on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis, as you like!

And you can control the method of reminder, whether with a simple alert or a continuous ringing so that you never miss the task until you hear the phone beep, and we will explain this in the rest of the application’s features and settings next.

Modify task categories and add new categories (Manage Categories)
By clicking on the three dashes at the top left and choosing Manage Categories,  you can delete from the ready-made categories in the application or add new categories with different names of your choice, according to the classification of your personal tasks that you want.

See all the tasks of the month and move between them and control them (calendar - calendar) (Calendar)
By entering the monthly calendar in the application (Calendar), you can see all the tasks of the month in their days, move between them and control them, as well as the dates of their reminders, and the ability to delete them or determine their completion.

And by entering (my) (Mine), you can see all the pending tasks, and know the number of them and the number of tasks that have been completed (Completed Tasks).

Add a widget to your phone's home page with your tasks for quick access to tasks and quick completion 
By entering the application menu from the three dashes at the bottom right, you can choose to add a widget to the phone's home page, which is a very impressive feature.

Change the color of the application to many colors by entering the (Appearance) (Theme)
The ability to add tasks by dragging the screen down from among the notifications by entering Settings > Notifications and reminders > Add tasks from notification bar
An important reminder of your tasks:

By entering (Notifications and reminder), setting the task reminder tone (Default task reminder type) to Alarm and not (Notification) so that the phone continues to ring as soon as the task is due so that you do not miss it.


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