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Download Muviz Edge: Change the Look of Your Mobile by Lighting the Edges of the Screen and Always on Display

Download the Muviz Edge app for Android

As a continuation of the series of applications that change the look of the phone and add new and wonderful touches, whether to the backgrounds of the phone or to the operating system, the Muviz Edge application is a completely new and unique application and its idea is completely new, as it adds aesthetic touches to the phone screen with beautiful and dazzling lights and wonderful colors while playing media on the phone or receiving notifications It also has many new and wonderful AOD (Always On Display) screens of different shapes of watches with wonderful kinetic effects.

In this topic, we will explain the application and review its most important features.

Muviz Edge Android app

The number of times the application has been downloaded from Google Play: more than one million times
Application rating: 4,5

Muviz Edge app features

First, you have to give the application the permissions it needs so that the application can activate the lighting of the edges of the screen, in 3 cases, and they are (while playing Music Overlay – music during Always On Display “AOD Music” – notifications while Always On Display “AOD Notifications”) .

You can activate the screen lighting in any of the 3 cases or in all of them, and enjoy a beautiful and new lighting for the edges of the screen during use.

Choose the shape of Edge Lights screen lighting
The Edge Lights application interface appears in front of us, which are the lights of the edges of the screen, and it may be somewhat unclear in the previous image due to the image quality, but it is completely clear and wonderful on the phone screen.

You can drag the screen left and right to see all the shapes of lighting available in the application and their shape and kinetic effect on the phone screen so that you can choose the shape you want, instead you can click on the word Lines above and see all the shapes in front of you in a very organized way so that you can choose easily.

Choose Edge Lights Colors
And on the right is the colors, which is one of the dazzling things in the application, as it allows you to choose the colors of the animated lighting lines from many different and dazzling wonderful colors, also by pressing the (+) sign, the ability to add new colors from an infinite number of colors, and these are among the most important features of the application which we will mention again at the end of the topic.

Control of lighting lines 

You can also control the lighting lines of the edges of the screen by clicking on the pen mark below the name of the lighting system, so the control unit in the lighting lines appears, through which you can control many of the characteristics of the lines, each according to the type of lines that you have chosen. For example, you can control the direction, thickness, speed, spread and length Lines In addition, basically, you can control the colors as we mentioned earlier, then press SAVE and apply the shape you chose by pressing APPLY.

AOD ( Always On Display ) 

The application provides you with many forms of watches that work in the Always On Display mode, and each of them can be controlled through many very impressive settings that you have to try for yourself.

Application settings

1- Edge Lighting screen lines

Turn off and turn on the edge lighting of the screen (while playing music - playing music in AOD mode - notifications in AOD mode)
Allows the app to illuminate the edges of the screen across all media applications. Visible Over Apps
Adjust the exposure of AOD mode with the brightness of the screen
Adjust lighting rotations with Define Screen Edges
2- Always On Display 

Turn on and off AOD mode
Turn on the lighting while the screen is locked (always - while charging - while playing music) in order to rationalize battery consumption
Brightness of screen edge lighting
Cancel AOD mode by double tap or single tap
Enable fingerprint screen unlock while in AOD mode
3- Disable on Battery Saver mode

Features of the Muviz Edge application for Android
The application is easy to use and has a small footprint
The application is free and allows you to use all its features without ads
The ability to control the lighting colors of the edges of the screen and add an infinite number of colors

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