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Download Drupe Dialer

Download Drupe Dialer: A New And Easy Dialer Application For Android And IPhone

Download the Drupe Dialer application for Android and iPhone

Very few people who may think of changing the default communication application on the phone Phone! We always use the traditional method to extract a contact or use the phone to communicate, but what if there was an application that facilitates the communication process? Rather, it adds many new features to the communication application that may make using that application enjoyable and facilitate many things for the user.

The Drupe Dialer application is a great alternative to the traditional method of making calls and using contacts, and it adds many great features, and we will review the characteristics of the application in detail next.

Drupe Dialer app for Android and iPhone

The number of times the application has been downloaded from Google Play: more than 10 million times
Application rating: 4,5

Drupe Dialer app features

First, when you open the application, you must give it all the permissions it needs to access your contacts and allow the application to make calls, access notifications, and work while using other applications, so that you can use all the features of the application.

When you open the application, you will find your contacts divided above among all contacts, favorites, from which you can delete and add new numbers through the (+) sign below, and your call history, which you can filter between all calls, incoming only, outgoing, or missed calls .

The ability to call someone, send a text message, WhatsApp, or any other application with the same movement 
By dragging the contact to the feature you want, the great thing about the application is that you can make a call or send a text message or a WhatsApp or Telegram conversation with one movement. You just have to drag the contact on the application you want.

And what if you change your mind about the call, or something unexpected comes during your attempt to call, and you decide to cancel, but you want to remember the call again, you just have to drag the contact to the bell (Reminder), and at that moment you can set the time you want with any date and hour The phone will remind you to call that person at the time you want.

The ability to make a call at any moment while using the phone and using all the features of the application 
Through a shortcut icon that the application places on the phone screen, you can, by dragging those points that always appear on the phone screen, open the application at any moment and make the connection you want in addition to all the characteristics of the application that he mentioned previously

Reminder to call again in case of no answer or undo the call and use the rest of the application's features

It should be noted that there is a calculator next to the number plate.

Also, one of the advantages of the application is that in the event of no response, you can immediately make a WhatsApp conversation or a text message, or use the contact in any other application, or postpone the call for 5 minutes or any other time. Snooze, and the application will remind you to call again

Drupe Dialer app settings for Android and iPhone
Log in to any contact

You can put the contact in Favorites
Ringtone customization
Share Contact
Copy the contact as a shortcut on the phone screen Create Shortcut
Write a note about the contact
Reminder to call back later
Block contact
And by pressing the gear of the officers at the bottom right 

1- General :

Change the default view of contacts
Change the order of the applications that you can use while withdrawing the contact and adding other applications
Dual-sim support activation
Turn on dragging with the beam without going to the application if you use the tip of the finger Thumb-swipe, and in this case you do not have to go to the contact on the application, just direct the beam to the application you want

Close the application and return to the default Exit , and you can also change the communication application to the default manually by entering the phone settings and changing the communication application

2- Call Screen :

Use Drupe Dialer as the phone's default app. Default Dialer > Enable
How the Missed Call notification appears
How to appear when you hang up after a call
Show active call in the background
Show notes about the contact - if any - during the call
3- Call Blocker: Block calls from unknown numbers, private and hidden numbers, and prevent blocked numbers from reaching your voicemail

4- Themes:  Change the degree of clarity and transparency of the application while using it, or set your own image as a background for the application 

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