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Simultaneous Translation Application: Download SaHyi Translate For Android And IPhone To Translate Via The Phone's Microphone

Download the SaHyi Translate app for Android and iPhone to translate using the phone's microphone

The SaHyi Translate application performs simultaneous translation between many different languages, all you have to do is speak into the microphone directly in a language, and the application will in seconds translate what you said into the language of your choice

If you live abroad in any foreign country, you will meet different people every day, which makes you need to master many languages ​​in order to be able to deal with everyone easily. The application of traditional translation is no longer the best solution to talk to a person in a different language, and it is an application that is very slow and embarrassing, so A very wonderful application has been provided to solve this problem, which is the SaHyi Translate application, which enables you to talk to anyone in any language in the world using the voice translation application, which is characterized by translating everything that the person says by choosing any language he wants 

The application that we will write about in this topic is the SaHyi Translate application for Android and iPhone, and we will discuss the most important features of the application in this topic 

SaHyi Translate application for Android and iPhone 


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