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Many people need to translate words and phrases on a daily basis, whether because of the need for work, study or anything else, and many people used to use the usual websites to translate phrases and words, and unfortunately this does not always come with the exact meaning or context in translation, and with the spread of the need for that and the spread of smart phones Many applications of various kinds have spread successively, including translation applications.

In this topic, we will discuss a wonderful translation application, which we find, after experience, to be one of the most successful applications in this regard

U-Dictionary app

Before we start explaining the application, we will change the language of the application from English to Arabic, in order to facilitate the explanation for visitors to the applications section, by entering the personal account tag in the application, then Display Language, and we choose the Arabic language

Translate words and phrases

Above, we find two languages ​​that are used interchangeably. For example, as shown in the previous image, we have chosen the French and Arabic languages, meaning that we can use the text field to write words in either language and translate them into the other language, so we can choose any two languages ​​and use them for translation interchangeably.

Also, next to the text box, you will find the microphone mark, which enables you to translate words by speaking them with your voice. When you click on it, the application will ask you about the language that you will speak in from the two languages ​​that you previously selected above.

When translating, all the terms of the word you want appear, so you can understand it in the context you are looking for, or instead you can translate the entire sentence by writing it in the text box.

And you can hear the word so that you can know how to pronounce it correctly, and to the left of the text box there is a star shape, which enables you to add any word or phrase you want to the (default) box or your favorites, and you can browse it later by entering your account in the application and then >> My words , and you will find your default folder .

And according to your use of the application and the translation of many words, when you click on the text box later, you will find a memory for the words and sentences that you have previously translated.

And below the text field, we find some additional application features, which you can use by subscribing and paying for the application, such as the magic translation that adds a code to you on the phone screen. The sentence or word the application translates directly.

Or the camera, which you can use the camera to scan a page with words you want to translate, or translate a conversation spoken through the microphone, or study the grammar of languages.

All of these features can be used by subscribing to the application and updating it to U-Dictionary Pro

By continuing to move down the main page of the application, you can find an entertaining game to train you on words, and it may be very useful and fun for children, and some language tests.

Life and everyday expressions that you should know
We see that this is one of the coolest and most beautiful features of the application, and it contains many, many expressions that you may need to know and know their meaning and how to pronounce them to help you deal with a different language in your daily life and at certain times and situations.

The application chooses for you many basic phrases and sentences in specific situations that are divided into daily life, communication, travel, professional life, etc.

As in translation, you can choose two languages ​​in which to use the study of these phrases.

We are very impressed with this section of the application, which enables you to train on the use of basic and important phrases and phrases in various situations, such as when you travel to a city in a country and your desire to communicate when you are in a restaurant, for example, without the exhausting need to browse for the meaning of the sentence or phrase that you want in communication.
Use translation without the need for the Internet
A lot of people come to the mind of a question, what if I need to study or translate while I am in a place where there is no internet! , or the absence of a Wi-Fi network, or the expiration of my Internet package.

One of the most important features of the application, which we completely find to be a wonderful application, is the ability to download an unlimited dictionary of words for a specific language, and use it later without the need for the presence of the Internet, by entering the personal account in the application on the home page, then >> Offline package.

And then two boxes appear for the two languages ​​interchangeably, you can adjust them and find out if there is a package (dictionary) for these two languages ​​without the Internet or not, and download it for later use.

As in the picture in front of you, we have chosen two languages ​​​​in exchange, namely French and Arabic, and we have downloaded their dictionary that contains thousands of sentences and words, and we have tried that without the Internet. Without the need for the Internet later.

But then you cannot use the feature of pronouncing words, so to use it, the application must be connected to the Internet.
Features of the U-Dictionary application
Ease and fun of using the application for various purposes
Learn to communicate without having to study the language with all its grammar through everyday expressions
The ability to use translation without the need for the Internet by downloading a dictionary for one or more languages
Disadvantages of the U-Dictionary app
Too many ads in the application, with the possibility of canceling them by subscribing and updating the application to U-Dictionary Pro, in addition to using other features in the application
It is not possible to use the feature of pronouncing words when using packages that are not connected to the Internet


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