Download the latest Linkbox app for Android


Download the latest Linkbox app for Android

Download the latest Linkbox app for Android

Download Link Box app for Android
The Linkbox application is one of the distinguished applications in cloud storage, sharing files, photos, and movies with your friends instantly, no matter where you are, and making the shared folder accessible, Linkbox contains a powerful playback function that supports a variety of advanced playback functions such as adjusting the speed, adjusting subtitles, and screen size And the floating window, which helps make your video playback experience beyond imagination, so this application will be the focus of our conversation in this article, and we will learn about its most important contents, features, and how to obtain it, so stay with us until the end of the article.

The highlight of the Linkbox app

Personal vault: This feature is available in the Linkbox application, which requires entering a 4-digit password in order to activate it in order to use it to protect your privacy and save files in it, whether through links or files that you have shared with others. You can also download files from your device and save them in it.

Create Shared Links: The best option in the Linkbox application. This option helps you download anything you want and upload it as a link so that others can see it by entering it in the field designated for it and pressing create. You can also do this link by asking someone you want through a group of applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger, and others, and specifying the validity period for using that link, whether 24 hours, a week, a month, or permanently available.

Home: In which everything you have done is available, whether saved links, links, recent views, and more.

Linkbox Screenshot-192852

Me: which contains multiple options as follows:

Linkbox Screenshot-192944

My Shares: It is everything that you have shared in the application, such as files such as photos, videos, documents, music, and others.

Join our group: which is a place where users of the application gather on Telegram to help each other, inquire about anything, or get linkbox links for other users who publish it daily.

Feedback: In which you can leave the problem that you encountered to try to find a solution to it, and a picture showing that, leaving a contact number on WhatsApp or Gmail, pressing submit, explaining your problem to them, and waiting for a response from them.

Settings: which has a set of options such as the language in which Arabic, English, French, Indonesian, and Hindi are available, and display whether the dark or light mode, and send notifications to you in the event of anything happening or receive a message if you wish to do so.

Linkbox app features

Support multi-party access to any file in your account, and preview video files without special software.
Supports searching for files by content or name, multiple sorting methods, and quickly finding the files you need.
Free storage space of about 50 GB.
Enables adjustment of screen size, subtitles and speed adjustment.
You can share photos, files, and videos with your family and friends at the same time.
Support uploading files, photos and videos from mobile phones to cloud storage, and the application will work on
Free up your phone's storage space as much as possible.
It does not contain annoying ads as it does with most other applications.
100% safe; Because it has a strict management that protects your files better.
It has Dark mode, Light mode.
Frequently asked questions about the Linkbox application
How Much Storage Does Linkbox Provide?

The storage space provided by Linkbox for free accounts is 50 GB and you can increase the space by upgrading your account on the application.

Are there ads on Linkbox application?

Yes, there are ads in the Linkbox application, but it is not as annoying as some applications. However, you can upgrade your subscription to paid without ads and faster speed.

Can I download files from the Linkbox app?

Yes, you can store files and download them from the Linkbox application at any time you want, and you can also download your friends' files if they share it with you.

How can I browse files on Linkbox without an account?

If you have Linkbox links, you can browse it without an account on computers, but on the phone you will need an account, and you can create the account through the application in just seconds via the private email on your phone.


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